November 2011 Venue

November 2011 Venue

Way back when…okay really like ten months ago, I was a regular on the waiting boards. I was speculative about when the big day would be.

For a while, I was sure we were on the same page and that it was going to be a holiday proposal with plenty of time to plan. But then mid January rolled around. Mr. Skunk’s grandfather passed and I felt selfish for even thinking about a possible proposal. I stopped lurking around on Weddingbee and tried to be as supportive as possible to Mr. Skunk. It was a really hard time for all of us.

And then out of the blue, he proposed. It was magical and fantastic and we promptly decided to plan a fall wedding.

And then a couple weeks later, Mr. Skunk lost his job. I honestly think he handled it a lot better than I did. I cried.

I lost my shit in private. I’m a worst case scenario kinda gal, so I was out picking which bridge we were going to live under. (Seriously, screw a bridge, I’m going to live in my tent near rocks.) Mr. Skunk was unfazed. Sure he took a couple days to unwind and go climb with the guys, but in under two months,工作地点, he was back to work at a new [even better] job.

At the end of that month, I finally quit the life sucking position I was in and started working odd jobs here and there while trying to decide what the hell I really want to do with my life. (I got my answer after volunteering in pediatric physical therapy.) And life just kept happening.

While I’d love to think of the wedding as some big huge slap yo’ momma event really it just happens to be one Saturday out of fifty-two.

Sure, it’s our wedding week. But yesterday I had to take a chemistry placement test and today I’m visiting my grandmother. Life doesn’t stop cause you are planning a wedding. It keeps on moving for the good and the bad. The best part of it though,香港马报免费资料, is knowing that you get to go through it with the one you love.

Has your engagement gone as planned? How has life slapped you in the face?

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