stylish details

stylish details

Like so many other couples before us, photography was a huge priority for the Dreamcatchers. We want to remember every single moment of the day I know will move too fast. We’re going to be looking at these pictures for the rest of our lives, so we wanted to make sure we were making an investment in them. Plus…I could probably look at pretty wedding photos all day and not get tired of it. Seriously. What’s not to love? The gorgeous gowns, the pretty colors, stylish details, happy faces, wheeee!

Photo by Aaron Varga Photography

The problem I ran into was narrowing down exactly how I wanted our photos to look. How’s a bride supposed to narrow it down when they’re all so gorgeous? Let me be perfectly clear—I by no means have any experience with professional photography. My nonexistent talent extends no further than my iPhone. These are just a few “styles” that I noticed come up multiple times as I was hunting for our photographer and thought were worth sharing,香港九龙图库!

First up, is the very “traditional” style. Simple, clean, not a ton of frills…just letting the beauty of the wedding itself shine through. To my very untrained eye, these photos look less “edited.” I’m sure hours upon hours of work still go into them! I just mean it looks a little more like real life.

Photo By McMillen Photography

Photo by Tara Petro Photography

There is also the “softer” variety of photos. I’m really drawn to how fresh and sophisticated they look. The airy quality they possess looks so elegant and sweet, don’t you think?

Photo by Eva Lin Photography

Photo by Jenna Brianne Photography

I also came across a fair amount of these more organic looking photos. They have a bit of texture to them, I think. Sharp lines and saturated colors aren’t front and center, and if I’m not mistaken, they more closely resemble photographs that were taken on film.

Photo by Viva la Wedding

Photo by Something Sarah Loves

The type I am most drawn to, hands down, is fine art photography. You know the ones I’m talking about…you look at them and wonder if they’re even real! I love everything about the following photos, and knew finding a photographer that could deliver stunners like these was an absolute must.

Photo by Jorge Santiago

Photo by Anastasia Photography

Photo by Beyond the Darkroom

Ultimately,名字是Es, we decided on a photographer that is a perfect blend of all these styles for our taste. I can’t wait to show you some of their work in my next post!

What is your favorite type of wedding photography?!

PS: Thanks so much to delovely13 for the awesome theatre-related title suggestion from A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum!

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